Embryo donation

Embryo donation

The Centre de Genètica Girona keeps frozen embryos that have been given previously and they are at any couples disposal. This donation is free, secret and anonymous. The couple from where the embryos come from has passed through the established compulsory studies in order to exclude those donors who are not healthy physically or mentally or those whose family background exhibits precedents of any malformations related to chromosomopathies, genopathies or metabolopathies.

The maximum phenotypical and immunological similarity is always sought between the donor couple and the recipient.

We suggest a DNA Card – or genetic identity.

To create a genetic identity of a person, a comparison with parents and/or close family members is normally used. However, this method is not viable for all situations – for example, the donation of embryos.

A genetic identity allows us to create a map of the DNA which is present in all our cells and remains unchanged throughout our lifetime. It only needs a mouth swab to be tested and the results are ready in 20 days.